Unique Red Sox Lamp

Unique Red Sox Lamp


Unique Red Sox Baseball Lamp

Red Sox lamp and shade is artistic collaboration

 A Red Sox lamp created by local artisans for Concord Lamp & Shade, will be raffled on May 16th during Family Fun Day to help raise funds for the Concord 375th Anniversary celebrations in September.

The lamp, donated by Ann Eckert of Concord Lamp & Shade, can be seen in the windows of Concord Lamp & Shade on Walden St., and in the window of Concord Hand Designs on Main Street.

Eckert says she created a Red Sox lamp in response to customers’ questions about a baseball-themed  shade she carried in stock. They’d often ask, “Is that an image of a Red Sox game?”

“Most didn’t realize there was no monstrous, green wall in left field,” says Eckert, “but I’d simply tell them, ‘I wish it were, because they’d fly off the shelves.’ 

Such interest generated by the generic version led Eckert to look for an artist to paint a Fenway Park game in progress. Her search led to a surprising end when Denise Pageot-Beecy of Renjeau Galleries introduced Eckert to Inspector Jack Skinner of the Concord Police Department. Skinner is a composite sketch artist whose services are often requested by law enforcement departments around the greater Boston area. On the local force since 1972, Skinner is an accomplished painter and member of the Concord Art Association. He also happens to have a life-long passion for baseball, and once even had hopes of playing for the Boston Red Sox.

“Jack was ecstatic to be asked,” explains Pageot-Beecy. “He even went on a tour of Fenway Park so every detail would be fresh in his mind. He did a wonderful job,” she remarked, holding up a finished shade.

The body of the lamp is made of regulation baseballs, drilled and stacked three or four high, and the home-plate base is cut from ash, the same wood used in Major League bats.

Eckert says sales of the lamps have been brisk with approximately twenty-percent being shipped out-of-state. For more information or to buy one of these unique lamps, call Concord Lamp & Shade at 978-369-3000 or click here for more information and online purchase.

Written and submitted for Concord Lamp & Shade and Renjeau Galleries by Bonnie Day, a freelance writer, editor and non-profit consultant.



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